A New APP for New Mums

A New App

“We are proud to announce a new mobile app dedicated to mums with bubs/ toddlers who are looking for places in their area that not only actively support breastfeeding but also provide additional services and facilities – giving comfort and confidence.”


The feed my baby app strives to support both first time and experienced mothers with new bubs.


So much time is spent nurturing our little ones. Having timely access to friendly facilities just makes sense.


Many businesses provide services and facilities to breast feeding mums. Our app will guide you to those establishments.


Our Mums Love this APP

“Finally, an app on the go for busy mums. My life is so much easier when it comes to finding somewhere to feed my baby.”                                                                                  

Stacey Ingleside

“Couldn’t imagine my daily routine without this app. Life just got a lot less complicated thanks to the FeedMyBaby app. Thank you very much guys.”            

Helena Smith

“I thank you and my baby thanks you. So glad to see people out there that still care about mums and their newborns. Keep up the good work.”                                  

Jacinta Conroy

“What a fantastic idea. So inuitive and user-friendly, anyone can use this. Thank you so much.”                                                                                                                                       

Antonio Compbell

Ready to Make Your Life Easier?


It’s so simple to download and install. Sign up with a new account to the Feed My Baby app, make your life easier and help support all mums with bubs.